What Will I Do If Aston Villa Lose Again?

Aston Villa are on an unprecedented win streak, and I won’t know how to cope when it’s over.

Since the return of Jack Grealish, (Yes, that is and was why this streak is happening) the team has not only gone unbeaten in their last 7, but they’ve WON ALL 7 MATCHES. Not only have this Aston Villa side won these matches, but they’ve done so in every which way possible. There have been absolute massacres of fellow top-10 sides Derby County and Middlesbrough. How about the stoppage time heroics against former manager Steve Bruce’s Sheffield Wednesday. Ooooh, how about a Second City Derby that saw a fan assault Jack Grealish on the pitch, only to have him score the match winner? And of course most recently a 10-man, unbelievable team-centric, 2-1 come back victory on the road against a team scrapping for promotion.


Surely the squad, coaching staff, owners, supporters, journalists, and FanSided contributors are buzzing with confidence right now. You know it’s going well when you can tweet something like this in-game:

Yeah it was Boro and that was a whole 4 matches ago. I don’t care. This is bliss. Where I’m from, you don’t watch “football” you watch FOOTBALL. Nobody around me cares that Aston Villa are thrashing opponents at a ferocious level, so I get to keep all of this excitement to myself, which just adds to this fire of confidence.

I’ve also realized that has caused me to develop a somewhat worrisome co-dependence with the team’s success. I.E. – WHAT DO I DO IF THEY STOP WINNING?

If the team lose a match, they’ll be fine. They’re professionals. Me? I won’t know what to do with myself. Perhaps take a long, contemplative walk around the city and debate whether or not this relationship is working out for both parties? That’s constructive, right?

That may not be in the cards if the fires of passion are lit following an emotional loss. For those of you looking to smash your TV if/when this loss happens, here are some alternatives I’ve thought up:

  1. Drink with your fellow supporters. Nothing like sharing loss with others experiencing the same thing.
  2. Take to Twitter, and remind jealous Blues fans that the city is ours.
  3. Walk your dog.
  4. Join the FanSided network and write editorials about your feelings.
  5. Watch replays of this Jack Grealish goal on loop.
  6. Last but not least, simply pretend nothing happened. Ignorance is bliss.

Let’s just keep a good thing going though, shall we Aston Villa? Do it not only for yourselves, but for all of us wayward souls that are co-dependent on your success. UTV