This Aston Villa flop may be the next billionaire (And it's not from football)

Jota Peleteiro
Jota Peleteiro / James Williamson - AMA/GettyImages

Remember Jota Peleteiro? The Spanish midfielder whose Aston Villa stint left fans underwhelmed? Turns out, the pitch wasn't the only place he played hard. Peleteiro, who retired from football in 2022, is poised to become a billionaire as per Football League World, not through fancy footwork, but by betting big on a revolutionary farming technology.

His football journey mirrored the highs and lows many players face. After starting at Celta Vigo and shining at Brentford – scoring 23 goals in 75 games – he landed a record transfer to Birmingham City in 2017. In 2019, he sparked controversy with a move to Birmingham's rivals Aston Villa.

Yet, his Villa chapter was lacklustre, playing just 10 games before leaving a year later. Despite this setback, Peleteiro's business instincts have propelled him to extraordinary heights.

Enter Groinn, the company where Peleteiro invested millions. They've created a cost-effective device, priced at just £175, that's become indispensable for farmers. In a market where similar technology can exceed £25,000, Groinn's affordability is a lifeline.

This disruptive pricing has already propelled the company's valuation ten times beyond Peleteiro's initial investment. And with the Spanish government partnership in place, Groinn is on track to reach £600 million by 2025.

The former Aston Villa and Brentford playmaker's business venture has achieved remarkable success. Groinn plans to expand into Asia and is projected to be worth £3 billion within three years. This growth includes a sharp increase in annual value, exploration of markets in Portugal, Northern Europe, and North America, and the goal of providing digital agricultural aid to every agriculturalist in Spain by 2030.

This success story runs deeper than shrewd investing. Peleteiro reportedly turned down a lucrative, multi-year Saudi Arabian football contract to nurture Groinn. A testament to his foresight, this calculated gamble looks wiser by the day.

Throughout his playing career, Peleteiro clocked over 300 first-team appearances, proving his on-field dedication. But while his Aston Villa stint may be overshadowed, his Groinn venture is poised to revolutionise agriculture and rewrite his own legacy.

Peleteiro's journey, from perceived Premier League misfit to a potential ag-tech billionaire, is an inspiring reminder to athletes and dreamers alike. Sometimes, the most extraordinary victories are sowed in unexpected fields.