Emi Martinez unwilling to accept 'frustrating' Aston Villa decision

Martinez is not happy with Villa's decision
Martinez is not happy with Villa's decision / Alex Pantling/GettyImages

Emiliano Martinez has recently expressed his detemination to represent Argentina at the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris this summer. Despite the resistance he faces from his club, the 31-year-old custodian of the net remains steadfast in his resolve to secure a spot in coach Javier Mascherano's Olympic squad.

As Martinez gears up to showcase his skills in the Copa America with Argentina, he harbours a burning desire to be selected as one of the three overage players in the otherwise youthful under-23 squad for the Olympics.

However, Aston Villa has thrown a spanner in the works by reportedly blocking Argentina from calling up Martinez, expressing concerns about the lack of rest between tournaments and the potential ramifications on his readiness for the impending Premier League season.

In a candid conversation with TyC Sports, Martinez poured his heart out, emphasising his fervent wish to don the Argentine colours at the Olympics. He acknowledged that the decision does not rest solely on his shoulders and revealed that the club has thwarted his attempts to participate in the past.

Nevertheless, Martinez remains undeterred, focusing his energy on delivering a stellar performance in the Copa America while mustering the strength to make a final decision at the tournament's conclusion.

The goalkeeper recognises that Aston Villa is not contractually bound to release him for the Olympics. However, he underscored his willingness to go the extra mile for his national team, even if it means engaging in a bit of a tussle with his club.

While Martinez's immediate focus lies on the Copa America, where Argentina finds itself in a formidable group alongside Peru, Chile, and Canada, he has not shied away from expressing his burning desire to compete for the coveted gold medal in Paris.

The prospect of limited rest before the commencement of the Premier League season seems to be a small price to pay for the opportunity to represent his nation at the pinnacle of sporting excellence.

Aston Villa, on the other hand, finds itself grappling with a conundrum. The club must carefully weigh Martinez's commitment to his country against the potential repercussions on their pre-season preparations and the looming spectre of fatigue that could plague their star goalkeeper.

The clock is ticking, with the men's football tournament at the Olympics set to kick off a mere 10 days after the Copa America final, culminating in the gold medal match on August 9. Should Argentina go the distance and reach the final, Martinez would have little time to catch his breath before the Premier League season kicks off on August 17.

For Martinez, the national team always takes precedence, and he believes that players have the power to make that choice if their clubs are willing to play ball.