Aston Villa star earns high praise from former footballer Marciano Vink

Marciano Vink
Marciano Vink / BSR Agency/GettyImages

Forget the predictable headlines. Ollie Watkins, Aston Villa's goal-hungry striker, isn't just having a good season – he has absolutely torn it up. Marciano Vink, a former Dutch footballer, calls him a "sensation," and frankly, the numbers don't lie. Vink told Voetbalpraat:

"He's a sensation! All strikers should look at the runs that man makes. It is so phenomenal how he gets free from his defender in a very small space. You have players who volunteer, they don't get the ball, and then they jog back into position. But he volunteers, doesn't get the ball, and within two seconds he is five meters away from you. If you have players like Tielemans and McGinn there, they really give him a hand. And he only needs a split second to shoot on goal."

Think about it: 38 appearances this season, 21 goals, 10 assists... the man has become a walking highlight reel! This kind of firepower makes him the beating heart of Aston Villa's attack, driving their success across the Premier League and even in those tough European clashes.

UEFA Conference League 2023/24AFC Ajax Amsterdam v Aston Villa FC
Ollie Watkins / ANP/GettyImages

Unai Emery, Aston Villa's gaffer, knows he has something special in Watkins. It's more than just the goals; Emery sees a player with untapped potential, someone who can be even better. You saw that in their recent draw with Ajax – no goals for Watkins that day, but his presence, his movement, it was still electric.

And it seems like it's not just Villa who are taking notice. Word is, England manager Gareth Southgate is keeping a close eye on Watkins for that Euro 2024 squad. That's the kind of buzz a season like this creates.

The thing about Watkins is, he isn't your old-school striker. Sure, the lad can finish, but he is also a fighter, a workhorse, the kind of teammate who makes everyone around him better.

That's the mark of a true star, and what makes Marciano Vink see him as the role model for young strikers everywhere. This isn't just about talent - Watkins is the whole package, the proof that dedication and hunger can take you places in this game.