Aston Villa's financial woes could force sale of homegrown star

Jacob Ramsey could leave Villa this summer
Jacob Ramsey could leave Villa this summer / Mike Hewitt/GettyImages

Aston Villa's rising star Jacob Ramsey could be headed for the exit this summer as the club faces a serious financial crisis. The talented midfielder, who came up through Villa's own academy, has become a vital part of Unai Emery's squad, but the club's finances may force them to sell him.

The severity of Villa's situation was revealed in their latest accounts, showing a loss of £119.6 million. This puts them in danger of violating the Premier League's Profit and Sustainability Regulations, which set limits on how much a club can lose over multiple seasons.

To address this, Villa has already sold off several academy graduates, including Cameron Archer, Jaden Philogene, and Jacob's brother, Aaron Ramsey. These moves brought in around £37 million, but it might not be enough. Selling Jacob Ramsey, especially as a homegrown player, could be the key to bringing the club's books back into line.

While manager Emery is desperate to keep his young star, interest from Premier League rivals Newcastle and Tottenham, alongside German giants Bayern Munich, means a bidding war could drive Ramsey's price well above £50 million.

If sold, Ramsey would become Aston Villa's second-highest transfer, eclipsed only by Jack Grealish's £100 million move in 2021. While such a fee would ease Villa's debt, it would come at the cost of losing an exceptional young talent nurtured within their own system.

Qualifying for the lucrative Champions League would help Villa's finances significantly. However, their history outside of European competition means their initial earnings would be limited. Plus, the Premier League is moving towards tighter financial rules mirroring those of UEFA, further restricting Villa's options in the future.

The summer transfer window will be a nail-biter for Villa. Do they risk further penalties by holding onto Ramsey, or do they sell their prized asset to ensure short-term survival? The answer will have a lasting effect on the club's trajectory.