Aston Villa's latest announcement ignites fan fury and frustration

Supporters express fury over Aston Villa's unexpected announcement
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Aston Villa have officially unveiled a new club crest for the 2024-25 season, marking the third change in as many years. The announcement, made on the club's official X account on Friday, May 31, has sparked a range of reactions from fans, with some appreciating the new design while others express frustration over the frequent changes.

The newly designed crest features a return to the traditional shield shape, moving away from the circular badge introduced just a year ago. The updated design incorporates a yellow lion, a star, the year 1874 to commemorate the club's founding, and the club's full name. The unveiling video highlighted four key phrases: "Authentic since 1874," "Progressive pioneering spirit," "Uncomplicated consistency," and "Global perspective."

Dan Plumley, an expert from Aston Villa News, believes that the change could have both positive and negative impacts on the club financially. He suggests that while an innovative and creative design might appeal to a different market, particularly fans around the world, it is impossible to please everyone.

Plumley notes that the club's incredible success in the 2023-24 season, which saw them earn Champions League football for the first time in their history, may have influenced the decision to update the crest.

The previous round badge, voted for by fans, was widely criticised for its similarities to the Chelsea badge. However, many believe that the return to a more traditional shield design with a modern twist will be a popular decision among the fan base. Despite this, some fans have expressed their frustration with the frequent changes, arguing that the club should maintain a consistent visual identity.

Plumley emphasises that as long as the new crest is not universally hated, as was the case with Leeds United several years ago, it is unlikely to have a significant impact on merchandise sales.

He suggests that the club's success on the pitch and the excitement surrounding their return to the Champions League will likely overshadow any negative reactions to the new crest.

The new crest announcement comes after an extended period of research led by Chris Heck, the club's president of business operations, and takes into account the results of a comprehensive survey completed by Villa supporters.

The club is set to celebrate its 150th anniversary, and the new badge is expected to feature on the upcoming Adidas kit, which is due to be released imminently.

Fans will undoubtedly continue to express their opinions on the change. While some may prefer the previous designs, others will embrace the new crest as the club embarks on an exciting new chapter in its history.

The club's success on the pitch and the anticipation surrounding their Champions League campaign will likely play a significant role in shaping fans' perceptions of the new crest in the coming months.