Aston Villa eyeing exciting permanent deal for Barcelona loanee

Aston Villa v Manchester United - Premier League
Aston Villa v Manchester United - Premier League / James Gill - Danehouse/GettyImages

Aston Villa appears ready to make Clement Lenglet’s loan move from Barcelona a permanent one according to SPORT. The French defender has become an integral part of the club's defence, defying initially uncertain prospects and prompting a dramatic change in plans.

Lenglet arrived at Villa Park with a cloud of doubt hanging over his head. Limited playing time and a slow start in the Premier League made his future in England look bleak. However, a stroke of misfortune – an injury to Aston Villa’s starting centre-back Pau Torres – paved the way for Lenglet to establish himself.

With the door suddenly open, Lenglet stepped in and started delivering solid performances. His consistent play caught the eye of manager Unai Emery and transformed him from a temporary placeholder to a potential long-term fixture in the backline.

Aston Villa had no purchase option in Lenglet's loan agreement and initially seemed content with their defensive options. But Lenglet’s turnaround has forced the club to rethink its strategy, highlighting Aston Villa's ambition to build a competitive team while staying within financial limits.

Villa may not have a clear path to signing Lenglet. AC Milan has also expressed interest in the defender, and since there is no pre-negotiated buyout clause, any permanent transfer will require a fresh round of negotiations with Barcelona.

Under President of Football Operations Ramón Rodriguez Verdejo 'Monchi', Aston Villa emphasises a mix of ambition and financial caution when it comes to transfers. Lenglet seems to fit the profile; he's adapted to the league and could become a defensive anchor for years to come.

Lenglet went from a stopgap solution to a player the club seems eager to keep. The decision to pursue a permanent deal for Lenglet will be a clear sign of Aston Villa's ambition and the team's direction for the future.